Meet the I-Mop: The Ultimate Cleaning Machine

Meet the I-Mop: The Ultimate Cleaning Machine

Meet the i-Mop: The Ultimate Cleaning Machine

Changing the way you think about cleaning! The first of its kind, the ultimate cleaning machine, the I-mop solves the problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers. We found out that most areas are still being cleaned by mop and bucket, because other floor machines are just not flexible enough to work in most spaces. What’s more the handling and operation a typical scrubber and drier doesn’t fit with most users and organisations. The I-mop isn’t just designed for cleaning, it also designed for the cleaner.

Flexible and Fast!

The i-mop features a high speed twin brush scrubber drier deck with a working area of 46 cm (18 inches). The same as with a conventional walk behind scrubber, but with unmatched agility. The two counter rotating brushes give you a smooth experience and allow you to control the machine even with one hand. This Cleaning Machine can clean around and underneath objects, just like a mop.
Swap out the brushes very easily for a different pair depending on your needs, we have different brush and pad options available. With over 350 rpm and 22 kg of brush pressure, the i-mop makes short work out of any cleaning job, cleans over a 1000 square meters per hour. Uplift your productivity, clean faster, better and easier!

Cleaning Machine

Do more with less!

Our quick exchange Lithium Ion battery system make the I-mop a real cleaning workhorse. A single charge will last over an hour, with quick a recharge of an hour you will get an hour running time back. And for the big jobs, with 2 sets of batteries your I-mop will never ever need to take a nap. Work from one set while the other is recharging. Clean from 9 to 5 or 24×7 with a single machine. No cords to trip over or get tangled up, just switch on and away you go. Reduce your fleet of machines, do more with less.

Click on, Click off!

Fill, refill and empty the machine easily with our solutions tanks. No longer bound do to installed filling stations, get water from a sink in a pinch. Switching between chemicals is a matter of seconds, on this Cleaning Machine, by clicking on a different solution tank, use our HACCP system to make life even more easier. You wil be suprised by how water efficient the i-mop is, good things do come in smaller packages.

Flip the switch!

No Phd. required to operate the machine, we have done all the programming for you. A simple dial to select the desired operating mode. Aside from scrub and dry, separate scrub modes available for intensive deep cleaning. Our eco mode allows you to save additional water when only a little is needed and also protects you water senstive floors against overexposure.

I go, where you go!

The I-mop has been designed in such a way that it takes up very little floorspace when not being used. Store it in a closet nearby so it is always within reach. Take it with you up and down steps and stairs. If it is still a bit heavy, why not pop the batteries and the water off? Now it is ready to be loaded into even a normal personal vehicle. So whatever the type of job, the I-mop will be right there with you.

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