Market Supplies Commercial Laundry

Market Supplies Commercial Laundry


Supplies for Commercial Laundry in Toledo, OH

Silverback Supply’s Laundry Program combines the industry’s most advanced commercial laundry products with software technology to save you time, money, and resources.

Commercial Laundry Products

When it comes to commercial laundry, there is no substitute for products that deliver the whitest whites the first time around. And that includes linen marred with the most stubborn red wine stains, red lipstick marks, or messiest grease residue.

There is also no substitute for simplicity … from ordering to delivery to usage to training. We offer the most simple, effective, and sustainable laundry products in the industry.

The Silverback Supply Laundry product offering saves you: ­­

    • Time: Proven one-pass cleaning with 5% rewash standard.
    • Money: You’ll see the lowest possible end-use cost with super-concentrated products
    • Replacements: Your linen has a long-life with formulations that preserve the fiber integrity while restoring it to the whitest white.
    • Water: Energy saving formulations conserve water
    • Measurements: Automated dispensing system eliminates waste and employee guesswork
    • Exposure worries: closed-loop dispensing prevents spills and accidental chemical contact

Software Tracking for Commercial Laundry

Our commercial laundry tracking software keeps you on top of your entire laundry operation.  With easy-to-use, touch screen technology, each step in your process is monitored for maximum productivity on a real-time basis.

The program is customized to your laundry operation with dynamic production targets based on workstation capacity and operator self-improvements.  It can be used with all equipment types regardless of manufacturer or age.  Monitors on the laundry floor with easy-to-read displays promote operator self-improvement.