This One Product Can Clean 95% of Your Facilities

This One Product Can Clean 95% of Your Facilities


Whether you’re a facilities manager, custodian, or infection control personnel, you’ve probably grown frustrated with the various cleaners and chemicals that clutter your supplies closet, or maybe you’re struggling  to meet EPA standards while simultaneously trying to maintain or reduce costs on your janitorial supplies. EnvirOx H2Orange can help alleviate some of your frustrations.

Adding EnvirOx H2Orange to your arsenal can make these frustrations a thing of the past. This revolutionary cleaner dilutes into 2 solutions that can clean about 95% of surfaces in most buildings. Yes, that’s one product for 95% of your cleaning. 

EnvirOx H2Orange consists of a patented formula that combines Hydrogen Peroxide with a low level of surfactants to clean and sanitize without the use of harmful bleach, acids, or quaternaries.

It leaves less residue on surfaces than traditional water-based chemistry while providing an EPA sanitizing claim if needed. Less residue means surfaces won’t re-soil as quickly and are able to stay clean longer.

The solution breaks up the soil and allows for easy removal, giving you results that your cleaning staff can actually see. Leaving surfaces free of residue allows for easy maintenance and reduces the transfer of bacteria and viruses.

EnvirOx H2Orange allows you to be more cost-efficient and effective while maintaining EPA standards with this environmentally friendly cleaner.

Here’s how it works:

The dispenser attaches easily to the wall running two hoses; each hose feeds a different diluted solution. The cleaner dilutes into two solutions: green and red.

The green solution is used for general wipe down on surfaces(including glass), as a neutral floor cleaner, HIV-1, and carpet extraction.

The red solution is an EPA registered sanitizer and virucide, and can be used to clean tough odor areas, tile, grout restoration, carpet stains, and much more.

With The green solution’s 1:128 dilution rate, you’re able to use less product than most traditional cleaners, which can save you a significant amount of money. The red solution can also be a money-saver. When broken down, the cost of the red solution comes in at about $0.84/quart, whereas your standard spot cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners can range from $1.99 – $4.99/quart.


What this means for you:

  • No more cluttered janitorial closets
  • A simpler, more efficient cleaning process
  • Less hassle
  • Easier maintenance
  • Lower costs
  • An environmentally-friendly solution

To learn more about how EnvirOx H2Orange can optimize your facility cleaning, drop us a line on our Contact Page or call 800-746-6071